Shop Epic Organics products conveniently listed all in one place! Your skin is thirsty for something epic. Drink up! By far our most popular and addicting product is our soaps, so if you want to wake up and rub some epicness all over your body before heading out for the day, we recommend you begin there.

Do you struggle with dry, patchy, rough, or ashy skin? Epic lotion bars will take care of that!  Unlike many lotion bars, our custom formulated and hand made lotion bars will leave your skin moist and protected for hours with only one application, and won’t leave you feeling sticky. They are perfect for giving that special someone a foot rub, or applying before doing the dishes (both of which are sexy things to do, right?).

Speaking of that special someone, our massage oil will blow your mind!  It’s a great option for those who love to massage or be massaged, and will certainly enhance any experience you will have. Here again, we decided to make a product that would go on smooth, do it’s job, and not feel sticky or gross.  It took a while, but we nailed it!

The lip balm speaks for itself! Go ahead and rub some on your lips and they will begin to tell you how great the lip balm really is. Perfect for getting your chocolate or coffee fix without the calories too.

The deodorant is one of our top sellers. Many customers have told us that they’ve tried many other brands of natural deodorant and LOVE our Epic Deodorant. In fact, just to make sure that it was good enough for prime time, we tested it on a local Zumba/Yoga instructor. After an entire day of intense workouts she said that she smelled amazing and couldn’t believe it. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!

Do you struggle finding gifts for people? We’ve made gift selection easy! Just go to the gift page and pick one, you really can’t go wrong.

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