Our Story

Aimee King, founder of Epic Soap Company

My husband and I were walking around a local craft store. It was a week before the due date of out third child, and I needed to get a few things to finish up the baby room, and some yarn for crocheting. At the time, I spent hours making baby blankets and hats to sell online, more as a labor of love than a business. Kurt, my husband, started filling the cart with beeswax, oils and molds. Mind you, at this time we were living paycheck to paycheck and probably shouldn’t have been shopping as it was. He was convinced that he could make lotion bars that we could make a lot of in a shorter amount of time than my hats, and turn it into a business. I was not impressed until he made them! My dry, cracked, and sore crotchet hands became soft, smooth and painless.

That was the birth of Epic Soap Company, but it was just the beginning. We quickly realized that we loved this new business, opened an online store, and expanded over that next year into lip balm, salve, soap and massage oil. We signed up for craft shows and spent every incoming dime on the equipment we needed to keep us going. We’ve seen amazing growth since then, and continue to work hard to bring our passion to new customers.

At Epic Soap Company, we believe that bath and body products should be as natural and chemical free as possible, while remaining fragrant, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable. Epic Soap Co. is family owned and operated in the heart of America. Our products are hand-made with as many quality natural ingredients as possible by people with a passion for the well being of others and an eye for quality packaging design. We provide an epic array of nature’s glory, reborn in the form of bar soap, lotion bars, lip balm, massage/bath oil and more.

Ordinary bath and body products are for ordinary people… but you’re far from ordinary, aren’t you? Epic people need epic products, and that’s just what you’ll find here! We have soaps that will kick your olfactory cells in the face and wake you up faster than a cup of coffee in the morning. Oh you like coffee too? We have coffee soap (it literally has coffee in it too). That’s just how we are here at Epic Soap Company. We take the things you love and put them into our products. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you like lavender or bacon, pink grapefruit or cigar smoke, we take the things you already love and put them into things you can rub all over every inch of your glorious naked body.

You know what’s crazy epic? Nature! I’m actually writing this on a laptop outside under the shade of a tree because being stuck inside all the time is super lame. The good news is, if you are stuck inside and you love nature, you can take it with you! Rub some pink grapefruit or some bergamot on your hands while you’re filing papers, or wash your hands with a bar of CloverJoyed soap and let the epicness of nature flood your senses until you can get out there in the real thing.

Connecting with nature is our favorite, but connecting with our customers is just as fun and important to us! Please feel free to contact us with your ideas, comments, questions or just to say hi.

We are here for YOU!
Kurtis and Aimee King, founders of Epic Soap Company

Epic Soap Company, LLC
Hicksville, OH 43526
(419) 769-9200