Epic Organics, LLC is not a certified organic company, nor are any of our products. We do not claim to medically treat, prevent or cure any disease. All of our products are for external use only. We follow safe and sanitary procedures when making all of our handmade products. It is up to you, the consumer to use discretion when using any of our products. We use various organic butters and oils, animal fats, bee products, essential oils and skin safe fragrance oils in our products. Be sure to read our ingredient listings for each product and test them for yourself to make sure they are substances that you as an individual can use. We can not be held responsible for negligence on your part. Some ingredients are not meant to be used by diabetics, pregnant women or those with other health issues. Please be safe with any and every substance you choose to put on your skin. We are not liable for damages or bodily harm that substances might cause to your person. We label all of our products very carefully to try to prevent any allergic reactions but we can not tell you for sure if you will be allergic to any of the ingredients contained. Discontinue use of all products if rash, itching, hives, skin irritation or breathing issues occur.

At Epic Organics, LLC we care for you and want the very best products for you and your family. We test all products on ourselves and would not sell any that we think are unsafe or unapproved by lawful standards.

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